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chrispicAuthor/artist/humorist, Christina Crall-Reed lived for thirty years on a Wisconsin dairy farm. The farmer is gone, but her large, lively family, and the fact that she has twice been struck by lightning, gives her plenty to write about. No, she doesn’t wanna catch a buzz. No, she’s not having a current affair, and yes, life is shocking.oface

In addition to published articles, poems, magazine covers, and works of art to her credit, Christina is a Certified Laughter Leader through the World Laughter Tour. She also served as Community Liaison for the county child abuse prevention team; was a traveling children’s photographer; taught mural painting; and was Design Director at a new-age magazine.

photo chrisAfter retiring to write full time, Christina retired from retirement so she would have a life to write about. She caught that buzz, is enjoying the current affairs, and yes, it’s still shocking.